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Recycled Crushed Concrete

Used in a variety of civil construction projects. Offers a low-cost alternative to other raw material aggregates.

Limestone Base

Used in applications ranging from landscaping and other home applications to large-scale road and highway construction. Limestone base is produced at 1.5 inches in size down to fines (small particles of rock) and comes in varying, naturally occurring colors such as gray, tan, and light brown.

Foundation Base

Used for raising elevations or replacing high clay soils. Low plasticity material for foundations and fill.

Rip Rap

Used to protect coastlines and structures from erosion. Made from a variety of granite, limestone, or concrete rubble.

Clean Crushed Limestone 1” Minus

Used for base material for road construction, landscaping projects, and other construction uses. It’s versatility and durability make it a great choice for many stabilization and base material projects.

Clean Sand

Low Plasticity material for foundations and fill.

Smooth River Rock

Used for ready-mix aggregate, landscape rock and drainage applications.

Pea Gravel

Used for ready mix grouts, utility installation, fuel tank installations, and filter stone.

3 X 5 Bull Rock (Concrete)

Used for construction entrances, erosion abatement, and as a subbase in very wet conditions.

Recycled Asphalt

Used for parking lots, ranch roads, campgrounds, and more. Offers a dust-free environment and handles rain well.

Select Fill

Used to fill in holes and raise job sites.”

Stabilized Sand

Used frequently in the construction industry, both for small and large projects, new-builds and renovations.

2” X 4” Construction Rock

Used for temporary construction entrances, check dams, or pond inlets. Made from clean wet concrete washout to eliminate concern of metal or other debris. Material is crushed and screened through a 5″ screen and retained and on a 2″ screen.

Bank Sand

Used as a base, for leveling, to fill in dips, slopes or holes, and sometimes used as a base when installing grass.

Sandy Loam

Used beneath foundations in construction and for various gardening projects. Made up of sand and a varying amount of silt and clay.


In the materials section, under Clean Sand. Change description to: “Used for foundations and fill.

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