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Aggregate Experts

Dirt Rocks are experts at finding the Best Right aggregate prices and delivering it via Rail, Barge or Truck. Whether you need Belly Dumps, Tandems, Super Tandems, Rail Cars, Barges, or any other type of aggregate hauling, Dirt Rock’s got your back. We have every type of truck needed to get into tight spots to heavy loads. 

Whatever it Takes

Aggregate supply and hauling is fluid, and so are we. You need another ten trucks tomorrow, we got it covered, you need 40 trucks, no problem. This is what we do. At the end of each day, we verify all deliveries. Keeping your aggregate delivery running on schedule.

Aggregate Hauling

We can deliver as many trucks as necessary, from one load to thousands. From Belly Dump to Tandem, we deliver it all. 

Belly Dump

Bottom Dump tractor trailer combination that will hold 20-22 CYs or 22-24 tons. Fast and easy jobsite dumping and loading

End Dump

These trucks are handy for dumping in specific spots or piles. Also useful in hauling large rip rap or demolition for bulk materials haul off. Typical capacity is 20-22 CYS or 22-24 tons.

Side Dump

Not as prominent in the South as they are in the Northern States, a very handy safe way to handle materials. Used for riprap placement, demolition or everyday hauling. Typically 20-22 CYS or 22-24 ton capacity.


Commonly used for tight spots or small projects. Great placement and maneuverability as well as quick dump times. Used a lot in residential and onsite applications. Typically haul from 10-14 CYS and 10-16 tons.

Super Tandem

Used to haul full trailer load quantities on a maneuverable dump truck frame. Typically haul from 15-22 CYS and 16-24 tons. Usually a higher rate than tandems.

Rail and Barge

Dirt Rocks doesn’t stop at Trucking. When our larger partners need hundreds of thousands of tons, we do what it takes. We work with the rail lines and barge companies to get you your aggregate.


We can handle your heavy haul needs when you need to get that equipment moved right now. Let us know the weight and model of your equipment so we can match it with the appropriate equipment.


We offer flatbed hauling to move your barricades, haul in supplies, hotshot your load, just let us know your needs.

Heavy Truck

Low deck trailers and heavy haul trucks for moving your heavy equipment to your jobsite.


Flatbed Hauling for all purposes including hauling stone blocks!

We Deliver on Time Every Time.

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